We stock a range of storage units to suit different industries and applications. These include cabinets with mesh doors and visible cabinets with transparent doors, ideal for safety equipment and other materials that need to stay visible for safety and quick access. Hall-Fast stock a range of locking cabinets to suit a variety of different uses, with a heavy duty construction which makes them ideal for industrial use and are also extremely theft-proof. Industrial storage solutions cater for storage of hazardous and flammable objects, with drip trays to prevent leakage which makes them ideal for use in factories and warehouses. The TuffBank, ChemBank, TransBank, TuffCage and TuffStor range of equipment provides market-leading value and safety – essentially a safe for storing valuable equipment in. They are drill-proof and feature an anti-jemmy system to ensure that industrial equipment is kept entirely safe. We also offer the VanBox range which provides safe van storage and flat bed storage.
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