Hall-Fast is a supplier of the GBS Heavy Duty Hose Clamps which are designed for use in applications where a high strength clamp is required, according to the DIN 3017 standard hose clamps must meet specific requirements. The stainless steel band gives a firm but gentle grip on industrial hoses such as suction and pressure hoses. The Norma GBS Clamps the clamp features an improved closure device and can easily be assembled by manual, pneumatic or electric standard tools. Due to the reinforcement of the band loops and bolts higher torques can be used. The GBS Heavy Duty Bolt Clamps can be used in a variety of applications including; the machinery industry, use on road and sewer cleaning equipment, agricultural applications, irrigation and draining pipes, tankers, harvesting and pest control machinery, commercial vehicles and in the food and chemical industries. Why not buy the Norma GBS Heavy Duty Bolt Clamps from Hall-Fast today? For more details or information on our range of GBS Heavy Duty Hose Clamps, please contact our sales office.