Here is Hall-Fast’s range of Snickers workwear, one of the leading European brands in work clothing. Initially founded in 1975, An Italian electrician, Matti Viio, grew tiresome of the unsafe and shoddy workwear he was forced to labour in. His frustration, ambition and initiative lead him to starting a brand designed to uphold standards and supply quality and safety assured workwear, he would be comfortable to work in. The Snickers Workwear collection has an array of clothing to help gear you up for the day’s work. The range includes Fleeces, bodywarmers, jackets, hi-visibility wear, rainwear, overalls, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, gloves and accessories at affordable and reasonable prices. If you require safety, durability, flexibility or style, Snickers covers it all. So get workwear designed for the workers with Viio’s initial targets still being met at Snickers and his passion going into this range of garments.