Our selection of Kemper Protective Curtains and Strips has various protective curtains and strips as well as a variety of useful accessories. Welding Curtains and Strips are to offer protection to welders’ and their surroundings; they act as a shield to stop hazardous chemicals and substances spreading. We also offer cable reels and wall or column mounted swivel arms which hold the curtains allowing them to give the welders’ easy access to the welding area. The most popular applications for the Kemper welding strip curtains are, for separating work and factory areas, light dimming, visual protection and protection against any harmful radiation, welding arcs or spatter. As well as being very popular across many workplaces and applications they hold fantastic benefits. The curtains can be moved aside easily due to fastening using eyelets or sliding hooks and its rugged suspension system due to reinforced eyelets.
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