Aluminium trucks are useful because of their light weight and relative strength allowing easy transportation of materials. Platform trucks from warrior offer a 150kg maximum load as well as an extending platform for supreme versatility in any environment with a weight of just 8kg. Some are also galvanised aluminium and are manufactured in the UK for superior quality and performance. We also offer folding platform trucks which fold easily and become easily transported or stored away.. Some of our folding trucks can carry up to 300kg whilst being just 19kg in their folded state, maximising practicality and productivity compared to standard steel trucks. Our range of sack trucks are ideal for delivery drivers and warehouses where boxes are either to big to carry or there are too many, with these trucks they help reduce the time of transporting stock which means that you can back on the road as fast as possible. Available in many sizes and designs to meet your specific requirements, our range of light duty trucks and trolleys are perfect for a wide range of working environments.
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