Hall-Fast offer a comprehensive range of fixed steps and step ladders. Fixed steps offer several advantages over traditional step ladders due to their standalone construction and high work load capacities. They are constructed from high grade, lightweight aluminium with deep serrated panels for the best grip and stability whilst working at height. Fixed steps also come with optional handrails and a sturdy, four-foot construction which makes them ideal in industrial applications, such as routine maintenance or work in a factory environment. Hall-Fast's Universal Fort Steps are the ultimate fixed steps, offering three different tread options and a large working platform. They fully conform to BS EN-14183 regulations and ensure high portability with wheel mounts and a brake facility on the rear castors making it ideal for moving between stock.  Boasting many user friendly and beneficial features, including deep serrated anti-slip treads, large platforms with checker plates for extra comfort and 3 year warranties. Why not give our Step ladders a try today?