Millions of bigHead Bonding Fasteners, or bigHeads as they are commonly called are used worldwide in products made partly or entirely of plastic Available in 1,800+ standard types and sizes, and tens of thousands of bespoke Bonding Fasteners have been manufactured to suit our customers specific applications; bigHeads are manufactured from mild steel for general applications and in 316S11 grade stainless steel to cope with aggressive environments typically in off-shore or marine applications. bigHead Bonding Fasteners bond well in materials such as GRP, polyurethane, polyethylene, ABS. phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins and composites. Bigheads can also be spot welded or Pop riveted onto metal or bonded to many other types of materials with our range of bigBond Structural Adhesives. You can purchase bigHeads online from Hall-Fast in quantities of 25 pieces with free delivery on orders over £54.99 (net), to most UK mainland locations. If you require any technical information on our range of BigHead Bonding Fasteners, please call our sales office

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