Whether you’re working indoors or out it’s vital you have the right safety footwear to meet the demands of your surrounding environment. We offer a range of Safety Boots, Shoes and Trainers to suit you in a variety of industries. We have various top branded Footwear available that is suitable for many applications, ranging from DeWalt and Dickies to Scruffs, Helly Hansen and Dr Martens. We guarantee you will find something to suit you in our vast range of Footwear. There are various colours, styles and sizes available. Being on your feet all day means you need to find the most comfortable footwear you can, whilst also protecting your feet at all times. Whether you require steel or composite toe caps we have a huge selection of safety boots, trainers and shoes to fulfill your every need. There are many extra safety features for safety footwear, that could benefit you greatly throughout the working day. Ranging from penetration resistant steel midsole, insulation against heat and cold or anti-static footwear. Protecting a workers feet has become a ever growing and a more popular part of the standard PPE kit. Not only manuactured to protect your toes and sole when working in the warehouse, we have available anti slip resistant shoes and boots which are perfect for those slippery conditions where oil and other substances are present. Primarily used in garages and cleaners where floor mopping occurs, these anti-slip shoes are known as SRC rated footwear.