We offer a number of mobile trucks and plastic trucks, as well as plastic containers and plastic mobile storage. Hall-Fast provide plastic storage with lids, mobile fibreglass storage and mobile fibreboard and excelothene trucks that can be used as hazardous material storage. Polypropylene Container Trolleys make ideal commercial laundry baskets and storage, whilst tilt trucks are useful for transporting and dumping large quantities of material. Heavy Duty containers also make ideal product and stock storage in a mobile capacity. All the products in this range are ideal for a number of commercial storage solutions. For example, our polypropylene container trolleys are perfect for the laundry environment, as well as other work places. They has been tried and tested and it's strong tubular frame allows large amounts of stock to be moved and transported across the workplace whilst the operator can remain confident that their goods being transported will remain in tact and stable.
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