Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies has a wide range of BigHead Female Thread Collars in multiple lengths, thread sizes and materials. BigHead has been manufactures bonding fasteners for over 40 years, including marine fasteners, construction fasteners, panel fasteners, automobile fasteners, composite fasteners and special fasteners. With years of making quality products, BigHead ensures a securely locked and high quality job. BigHead Bonding Fixings can be attached to surfaces in a number of ways, making them versatile to match your needs. Adhesive substances can stick them into place or can be fully embedded using welding or other manufacturing methods BigHead Female Thread Collars are worth your trust to get the job done and offer easy but safe fastening. The durability and strength of the product makes them just the thing you need. Here at Hall-Fast we have a range of BigHead products available to buy online. We hope you’ll find what you’re searching for. Don’t forget if you have any inquires to call our sales team