Pallet stackers are essential in many work environments where pallets are fully loaded and heavy. Hall-Fast stock both manual pallet stackers and electric pallet stackers, ideal for use in a warehouse environment where pallets are being lifted in large quantities or above the reach of a traditional forklift. They are also useful as pallet unloaders from vans or from warehouse racking. A hydraulic pallet stacker can be operated through a pump either via hand or foot, whilst semi electric stackers are operated through a simple control system with minimal strain from the user. The popular Warrior Semi Electrical Straddle stacker from Hall-Fast with adjustable forks has been constructed to assist further in the transport of pallets, equipment and boxes around the warehouse and job site, as well as moving them to their desired location it also has the option of lifting them to the height they need to be at. This helps for both storage and organisation within a warehouse. With maximum lift heights of up-to 3000mm they are easily maneuvered with a steering handling and electric lift function. Our extensive range of Pallet Stackers are available with the best prices on the net, please contact us for further bulk discounts.
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