With an increasing number of people cycling to work everyday, cycle shelters and cycle racks are important for many businesses to offer some form of bike storage which otherwise wouldn't exist. Secure bike shelters and outdoor bike racks offer security and peace of mind to those cycling in every day, allowing them to securely chain bikes up. Bike enclosures also offer some protection from the elements, helping to avoid rust and prolong use of bikes. Our bike shelters are made from quality steel frames to deter unwanted vandalism, and the range includes a cycle compound which can store up to 48 bikes at one time. Most in the range also offer either metal sheeting or plastic covering for protection. Bike racks are more versatile, from traditional floor-fixed bike racks and claw racks, to cost effective and space-saving wall mounted cycle racks constructed from strong galvanised steel. Our UK built cycle shelters and racks come with a 3 year warranty.
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