Access towers are suitable for both work inside and outside, with a number of different heights and sizes available. Access platforms can be more useful than any other access equipment as it has a larger platform allowing you to keep all your tools and equipment close and easy to access. Hall-Fast offer podium steps fully compliant with PAS 250 for easy, portable platform access, whilst fibreglass podium options are also available for areas with potential electrical or fire hazards. Working at height can be enhanced with some scaffold tower units offering a working height of up to 7.15 meters with extension packs. These towers have been manufactured to ensure that the potential risk of any injuries when working at height is reduced considerably. Over the years there have been many injuries that has occurred when working at a height of over 2m. Usually a standard extension ladder is being used, which can be dangerous. Our range of Scaffold towers boast fantastic stability and functionality when accessing those no so easy to reach places within the workplace or job site.  So if you find yourself reaching or stretching outside of the centre of your normal ladder, we would suggest on looking into purchasing or providing an access tower to limit any risks when working at height. The full range of towers is available, contact us if you require further information.