For over the past 40 years, BigHead has manufactured metal fasteners and that knowledge of the industry and product all goes into Hall-Fast’s range of BigHead Male Plain Studs. The fasteners are crafted here in the United Kingdom to high standards. BigHead produces a wide range of fixings, from automobile fasteners, marine fasteners, construction fasteners, panel fasteners, composite fasteners to special fasteners. The combination available here in our range of Male Plain Studs means you’ll find the right shape and size to complete the day’s work. BigHead developed a flat perforated head on its products designed to increase surface area to secure maximum locking and give you quality assurance over the fixings. The attachment onto a desired surface can be gained by a number of methods including adhesives (such as metal glue) or welding and other manufacturing methods. The strength and versatility of BigHead Fasteners means you always get the product you need. Don’t forget to check out our full range of BigHead fasteners and fixings. If you’re looking for a particular product. Don’t be shy, should you require assistance, call our sales office