Our range of Kemper Exhaust Arms and Cranes has a variety of exhaust arms and fans. We offer a variety of Exhaust Arms which are flexible, telescopic, have rigid metal tube arms, for rail channels or upright and suspended assemblies. The exhaust arms work flexibly and suitably extracting welding smoke, gases, damps, slight dusts and solvents. They can be connected to fans or to a ducting of a central filtration system. The fans are for connecting to the Kemper exhaust arms, telescopic arms and slotted suction channels. The exhaust arms are available to reach up to 10 metres while the fans perform up to 3000 m3/h. Exhaust arms overview and configuration Booms: These are manufactured to be either one or two part depending on the length and can be fastened into place via a wall bracket. The Kemper Booms have C-rails that can withstand loads of up to 50kg. Flexible hose and Rigid metal tube versions available: The flexible version consists of internal rods and external hosing and the rigid metal version consists of 2 aluminum tubes and 3 pieces of hosing at the internal joints. Extraction arms: The main aim of the arm is that it can be moved to any desired point and position within its range effortlessly and quickly. Extraction Hood: The rectangular shape and 360 degree flexibility of the hood ensures it is always ideally positioned relative to where welding is taking place. It is very easy to operate and can be positioned with one hand. The flange shaped cover on the sides prevents the extraction of unwanted air. The hood has a 40% higher efficiency level than standard oval models and needs less positioning. If you cannot find the Kemper exhaust arm or crane that you require, try speaking to one of our experts today
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