Tractel® is a leading manufacturer of Working at Height Safety Products, Lifting and Handling Equipment, Temporary and Permanent Access Solutions and Load Measurement and Control Devices.

Manufactured and tested to the highest European Standards, the Tractel® Working at Height Safety product range includes harnesses for all applications, fall arrest blocks, fall arrest, restraint and positioning lanyards, temporary, permanent and mobile anchor points and safety ropes. This wide range of products encompasses all the components required to provide a fall arrest, or restraint system to suit the specific needs of the user, ensuring safety and comfort for those working at height.

Tractel® manufactures and services high quality lifting and handling products including the original Tirfor® wire rope pull, Tirak™ and Minifor™ electric winches and hoists, Blocstop™ secondary safety devices, Corso® beam clamps, Tralift® manual chain hoists, Bravo™ lever hoists, Topal™ lifting clamps, Dynafor™ load measurement devices and a wide range of specialised lifting and handling products for materials and man-riding operations.

With over 70 years’ experience Tractel® has been built on ingenuity in manufacturing highest quality, innovative products and safety solutions for your business.