At Hall-Fast, we supply a wide range of BigHead Male Threaded Studs manufactured in the United Kingdom, complying with international regulations relating to the products. BigHead has been producing a range of high quality bonding fasteners for over the past 4 decades, meaning all that experience and know-how goes into crafting automobile fasteners, marine fasteners, construction fasteners, composite fasteners, panel fasteners and special fasteners. The combinations of different shape heads and sizes means you are sure to find the Male Threaded Stud to match your bonding fastener needs. BigHead products versatility means you have a number of options when it comes to fastening them into place. Adhesive substances can be used to stick them into place or manufacturing methods such as welding can be used. The flat perforated base makes BigHead Male Threaded Studs securely lock onto your desired surface, giving you a strong finish that you can trust. At Hall-Fast we have range of BigHead Bonding Fasteners to assist with all your fastener needs. Don’t forget you can call our sales office, should you require any further assistance.