Fire Protection

Hall-Fast have been given the fantastic role of being a dedicated distributor for all Firestop products and sealants across the UK. We have available, Electrical Seals, Fire Seals, Pipe Seals & Penetration Seals that have been tried and tested within the UK to ensure the very best quality and consistently excellent fire resistant products.  Here’s a quick look into some of the fire protection products and systems. Pyrocoustic Sealant: Designed to resist and repel the passage of fire, smoke, sound and air. This sealant will form a char when exposed to the heat of a fire. With this quick responding reaction from the sealant, this will prevent the route of fire or smoke advancing any further through the building. All Pyrocoustic sealant has been tested for use in floors, flexible walls and rigid walls. PyroPro HPE Graphite Sealant: Graphite based sealant that when exposed to fire, expands shielding penetrations including plastic and metallic pipes, cable bunches, cable trays and cables, having the aptitude to close down insulation. The PyroPro HPE upholds the integrity and insulation performance of the seal through flexible walls, floors and rigid walls. Perfect for application with a trowel or applicator gun, its excellent advanced non slump properties provide ease of application due to its water based nature. PipeBloc PCP Pipe Collar: Our range of PipeBloc Collars have been designed and tested to seal service penetration spaces containing plastic and metallic pipes, pipes with insulation or cables, using thermoplastic composites based on graphite intumescent technology. Designed and developed continuously to provide and ensure a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire. The PipeBloc Collar is available in 10 sizes, accounting for all your fire protection needs and requirements. NS Putty Pads: These pre-cut intumescent pads designed for easy application around single and double electrical socket installations. Tested in accordance with EN 1366-3:2009, NS Putty Pads provide up to 2 hours fire resistance. Performance testing of components for residential ventilation. Available in 2 sizes and most commonly in light socket boxes or 13amp ring main sockets either internally or externally. For more technical information, installation advice or assistance, please contact us! Otherwise, take a look at our fantastic range of fire resistant products perfect for all your firestop requirements.