When working in hazardous environments it is vital that you have the relevant protection to ensure you stay safe and are free from potential risks. The Helly Hansen Multinorm workwear is exactly what you need in the workplace; they offer a FR 3 layer system to ensure workers stay warm, dry and safe throughout the day. This system is designed offering a baselayer which keeps you warm and dry by transporting moisture away from the skin and ventilates surplus heat, midlayer which offers thermal properties for keeping you warm but allows ventilation of the spare heat and moisture so you stay dry, and a protective layer that offers waterproof and breathable properties but also provides high visibility if required for maximum safety. It is extremely important in the workplace to take out workplace hazard and risk assessments to identify what areas workers may be vulnerable and how to ensure they have the best possible protection to reduce the amount of accidents and injuries within the workplace. Heat and flames are common in a range of environments therefore it’s essential that workers have flame retardant clothing for maximum protection. The main thing you should look for is the EN certification to ensure it can be worn when working around heat and flames but it is also important so there is no flaming to top or sides, no hole information, no melting or dripping, no flaming or melting debris and no after flame and afterglow time. You may find when working in gaseous, dry and wet environments, wearing garments with hydrophobic fibres, using non grounded footwear or working areas with a high level of airborne dusts that you are at risk of an electrostatic discharge which can be reduced by wearing electrostatic dissipative protective (ESD) clothing. The Multinorm workwear is also designed to offer protection from electric arc flash which can reach 5000°C causing second degree burns. In a wide variety of environments workers find that they have to work in poor visibility or awful weather conditions so having the right clothing is essential. The Multinorm workwear is designed to offer enhanced visibility from all angles when working in lowing conditions whilst keeping you warm and dry when the dreadful weather takes off. This range of Helly Hansen Multinorm workwear is designed to offer exceptional protection to those working in extremely hazardous environments, so whether you’re at risk from heat and flames, electric arc flashes, electrostatic discharge, poor visibility or the wind, wet and cold this clothing will have your back!
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