Caterpillar Footwear

Ever since Caterpillar created their first boot in 1991 they have been a huge success with supplying Footwear to the industrial workforce. We have a variety of safety boots and trainers which offer quality and style all at once. There are a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit you! Our Caterpillar Footwear offers comfort and durability which is suitable in a variety of environments. Our range of CAT boots are a vital piece of PPE, that provides that last bit of defence against any falling, sharp or heavy objects that potentially could damage your feet in and around the working environment. As per all of our safety boots that are available they boast a steel or composite toe and midsole and these Caterpillar boots are no different. They offer maximum protection at all times. Caterpillar safety footwear feature midsoles that are perfect in reducing the risk of falling on slippery surfaces where oil is present as well as moisture wicking insoles to keep your feet dry through out the day whilst maintaining the comfortableness.

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