Dr Martens have been manufacturing Footwear since 1460, so definitely know a thing or two about keeping your feet safe! Hall-Fast offer a variety of Dr Martens safety boots and shoes which offer comfort and protection whilst looking stylish in any environment. The Dr Martens Footwear is perfect; they have a range of features and meet the required European Safety Standards making them impeccable for the demands in industrial workplaces. With tons of experience Doc Martens are well know across the world for their air-cushioned sole, allowing users wearing the boots to have maximum comfort and protection at all times. DM's (as they are also known) have maintained their unique style over the years but have developed the ay the products work and feel when in action. These safety boots offer a whole new perspective to the functionality of safety boots and shoes and your PPE. Dr Martens have managed to squeeze all the practical features of a full safety boot into a their shoes which is a fantastic achievement, meaning that they maintain the full protection across the range. They are known for being stylish and functional and have been designed to compliment your existing range of PPE, if you cannot find what you are looking for please call us.
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