Noticeboards serve as a focal point of information, by displaying important documents and notes in an easily visible manner. For many offices they are the lifeblood of communication, allowing all members of staff to post documents and take them away. Our range of noticeboards ensures that every office, factory, warehouse and reception area can find one right for their needs and benefit from the advantages that a noticeboard brings. They are available as cork noticeboards, nylon noticeboards and Hessian noticeboards. All of our boards are available with aluminium framing, wooden framing or no frame at all. We stock mobile noticeboards on sturdy castors, as well as combination noticeboards which comprise of a magnetic whiteboard and felt board – expanding the available number of uses. We even stock low-standing junior screens which make ideal classroom whiteboards and classroom noticeboards. They can work in conjunction with magnetic numbers and letters, whilst also including a felt side.
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