Is it so cold that 2 layers just are not enough? Well you’ll need a Helly Hansen baselayer, a tight thermal layer to wear under other garments to contain that body warmth and fight off those chilly weather conditions on those long winter nights. Helly Hansen baselayer uses layer thermal technology to ensure dryness and warmth. Lifa technology is designed to draw moisture and excess heat to ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. Products can also be non-allergic and naturally anti-bacterial to ensure safety and cleanliness depending on the garment. These materials are designed to be lightweight and soft to ensure freedom of movement and maximum luxury. Features can include ribbed neck and cuffs, seamless shoulders, extended back and half zips. Don’t forget that here at Hall-Fast we offer Printing and Embroidery services so you can add your company logos to the fantastic Helly Hansen brand.
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