Here at Hall-Fast we offer top quality and big name branded clothing and accessories including one of the stand-out European Brands for work wear, Helly Hansen. Helly Hansen provides customers with stern and durable clothing suitable for working conditions. These long lasting garments are crafted to ensure you have all the relevant equipment to get the job done. Helly Hansen clothing has come a long way since founder Helly Juell Hansen was a seasoned fishermen, spending a vast amount of his life at sea and identifying a lack of quality waterproof fisherman garments on the market, he and his wife Maren Magarethe developed the companies first products, oilskin jackets, sou’westers and waterproof trousers. A brand based on 1 workers initiative and enterprise to develop a product perfect for other people like himself, now Helly Hansen is a dominant brand in hearty work wear. Here you can find the best-selling Helly Hansen products to see what’s the must have in the industrial workplace. A range of styles, colours, sizes and prices to fit your tastes, needs and budget requirements, we’ll have the perfect apparel for you. We offer a range of products including Softshells, under layers, base layers, fleeces, waterproofs, knee pad trousers, t-shirts and hoodies and much more. You can find the perfect garment for work or even leisure activities. Helly Hansen products use the latest, high performance material designed to be lightweight and keep you dry to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement to ensure you can perform at your highest level too, whatever the weather or conditions you are working in. Don’t forget that here at Hall-Fast we offer Printing and Embroidery services so you can add your company logos to the fantastic Helly Hansen brand.