BigHead Female Threaded Collars 316-F2/B38 & 316-F2/S38

At Hall-Fast, we offer a wide range of BigHead products. Here are Female Threaded Collars 316-F2/B38 & 316-F2/S38 manufactured within the United Kingdom towards the highest standards to meet international regulations relating to the product. Fasteners are made from stainless steel and have a range of thread sizes from M4 to M10 and length scaling 5mm to 22mm, just find the size you are looking for. Bighead products can be embedded via a number of methods, either adhesives or molten and other manufacturing techniques. The large perforated head is designed to give secure locking onto the surface and give you piece of mind with that quality assurance. Hall-Fast supplies a large range of bonding fasteners by BigHead to ensure you can find the right size and fit for the job