Portwest are experienced workwear manufacturers, who since 1904 have been investing in constant research and development to ensure that their products are at the top of the pile. Their leather work gloves are certainly that – with uses in many different applications. For domestic use they can make ideal leather gardening gloves. There’s nothing better than the reliable and sturdy feel of a pair of leather work gloves. Leather is an adaptable material which is strong and breathable, whilst also able to be treated for waterproofing. This makes leather work gloves ideal for use in construction and landscaping, as well as other duties that involve hard labour. Hide gloves and hide work gloves offer outstanding abrasion resistance which makes them suited for use in extreme circumstances such as forestry. The Siberia cold store glove is an ideal piece of cold store clothing, with extremely skin friendly materials and dyes. It’s one of the Thinsulate gloves in the range, offering waterproof properties with uncompromising insulation.
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