Dipped gloves are those which have been dipped in certain chemicals or plastics to give them added qualities that make them suitable for heavy duty workwear applications. Dipped gloves, material depending, usually fit tightly to the hands and make them ideal for situations where dexterity is needed for careful handling. The range of dipped protective gloves cover a wide and varied range of applications, including gloves coated in nitrile. These are latex coated gloves that are also rubber free gloves – meaning that they do no aggravate as many allergies and are widely popular. They also have excellent abrasion and oil resistance which makes them perfect for a number of industrial applications. We also offer thermal gloves, coated for added grip, useful for work in outdoors and cold environments such as construction, transportation, refuse collection, maintenance and local authority work. Don’t compromise on hand protection! Buy Portwest from Hall-Fast today.
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