Access and Lifting Equipment

  • Workbench

    A Workbench is like a table but they are designed for heavy duty applications where manual work is undertaken in workshops, factories, in schools colleges or in machine shops, power stations, garages or on production lines.

    Workbenches or Work Benches as they are also searched for are available in a variety of designs, from standard flat surfaces to complex designs that incorporate features to hold tools and equipment that is used on the work bench. Workbenches are available in timber or wood, heavy duty metal, they can be portable to allow for the work bench to be moved around warehouses and factories and also usually have drawers or cabinets integrated into the design.

    Brands such as Bott are extremely popular, Bott Workbenches are extremely popular with engineers, the Bott Cubio and Bott Verso ranges are big sellers, Bott Workbenches are functional, ergonomically designed, practical and stylish.

    A Workbench is usually sat at or stood at, Work benches are made from many differ materials, with metal and wood workbenches being the most popular, the material that work benches are made from is usually dependent on the environment where they are to be used with wooden work benches being used for model making or carpentry and metal workbenches being preferred in engineering, automotive or general engineering applications, Stainless Steel Workbenches are used in hygiene critical situations in food processing facilities, hospitals and in kitchens where food is prepared.

    In the modern age of the computer workbenches are now often seen with computers or computer monitors on them, the use of a workbench has changed over the years, most warehouses have a picking and packing area that use workbenches, these are usually manufactured from steel and have an MDF top to keep the cost of them to the minimum Picking and Packing Workbenches.

    Ergonomics and health and safety regulations have played a huge part in the development of the modern day Workbench with standard products being design to suit the requirements of different jobs, industries and environments, using different materials and adding accessories or space for storage.

    If you cannot find a Work Bench that is suitable for you then call the experts, Hall-Fast from their Mansfield base are specialists in the design and development of bespoke Workbenches, they have worked closely with customers to develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of their customers, call them on Mansfield (01623 ) 645 645 or email

  • Pallet Truck

    Pallet Trucks come in a variety of styles; they are designed to move heavy or light pallets around warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and logistic facilities.

    The Pallet Truck is also referred to as a pallet jack or pallet pump, Pallet Trucks are moved around or steered using a leaver, this lever is also used to pump up the truck, when required a handle is pressed which releases hydraulic fluid which causes the Pallet Truck forks to lower.

    Pallet Trucks usually have two front wheels these are inside the end of the forks and mounted on levers which are attached to the Pallet Truck cylinder.

    There are different types of Pallet Trucks available in the market; the most common is the Manual Pallet Truck these are the most common and usually the cheapest versions, manual pallet trucks have been around since circa 1918, they are powered by hand and are used extensively in small warehouses and retail stores.

    High Lift Pallet Trucks are becoming increasingly popular, they are available in both manual and powered versions and operate as a pallet truck, however they can lift pallets high in the air, these are used in production or picking and backing areas to get pallets to the desired working height, thus limiting the need for the operator to bend down and lift heavy items.

    Pallet Trucks are typically made from steel that is plated, however galvanised pallet trucks and Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks are also available, stainless steel pallet trucks are used in hygiene critical areas such as food processing factories.

    Low profile pallet trucks, or pallet trucks with longer forks are also available as are heavy duty pallet trucks; Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks are designed to be used on uneven ground like on building sites or on farms, they tend to have larger wheels and the tyres have bigger treads.

    Electric Pallet Trucks are available from Mansfield based Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies, they also sell pallet trucks that are designed for specific applications such as their Reel Handling Pallet Trucks these are designed to move large reels of cable around warehouses and factories.

    Some smaller storerooms a lacking in space so require folding pallet trucks, semi powered trucks, fully powered pallet trucks, electric trucks, hydraulic and specialist pallet trucks are used by people every day, most adults at some point in their lives have used one. Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks and Heavy Duty Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks (pictured) are becoming increasing popular, this type of truck typically have a maximum load of 2,000 kg, they are not only used to move pallets around, they can also weigh the pallets, making the life of the warehouse operative easier when stating the weight of the pallet to carriers live TNT.

  • Handling and Lifting Equipment

    Mansfield Industrial Supplies Firm Hall-Fast has an industry leading range of 14,000 Handling and Lifting Equipment products.

    Customers throughout the world have been supplied with Fork Lift Trucks, Hydraulic Stackers, Trolleys, Trailers, Scissor Lift Tables and Drum Handling Equipment from their base on Anglia Way in Mansfield.

    Hall-Fast has a standard range of 200,000+ industrial items that are supplied to a growing customer base of 16,000+ in 90 countries in a range of general industrial, automotive construction and public sector markets.

    Manufacturers, logistic companies and small and medium original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) often come to Hall-Fast to be their single source solution providers for their Industrial Handling and Lifting Equipment requirements.

    Hall-Fast deliver all of their Handling and Lifting Equipment products to the majority of UK mainland postcodes free of charge, and has we supply a lot of British manufactured items they are able to deliver to customers quickly.

    If after browsing the Hall-Fast website you cannot see exactly what you are looking for then the trained staff at Hall-Fast would be happy to assist you email or call them on Mansfield (01623) 645 645.

  • Economy Fork Lift Cage – FLC08Z

    The Economy Fork Lift Cage is ideal for those who require a safe platform allowing them to work at different heights on tasks that may usually be difficult to Economy_Fork_Lift_Cagereach.

    It is extremely strong and sturdy with an inward opening gate that automatically closes, internal grab rail, non-slip steel floor and a mesh rear guard which allows you to attach your safety harness for ensuring the worker is 100% safe when working in difficult conditions.

    This Economy Fork Lift Cage is extremely easy to attach to your fork truck, you lift the bar on the side of the cage allowing the brace at the rear to swing up which fits behind the heel of the fork tines allowing secure use of the fork lift cage.

    Various safety features including: Internal grab rail Safety harness anchor point Drivers warning plate High visibility yellow finish. The semi automatic locking mechanism locks the cage onto the tines of the fork lift. The user simply lifts the bar on the side of the cage and the brace at the rear of the mechanism swings up. This then fits neatly behind the heel of the fork tines fitting the cage securely to the fork lift.

    • Robust fully welded construction
    • Complies with Health and Safety guidance note PM28 - 3rd Edition
    • Units are supplied with user guide
    • Safety gate opens inwards, closing automatically through the use of a tension spring loaded retention latch
    • Front Opening Gate
    • Fits quickly and easily to the majority of fork lifts
    • Non-slip steel floor plate with a high kick plate
    • Full Height Mesh Rear Guard
  • Distribution Container Carrier - GC4103

    This Distribution Container Carrier is specially designed for use with the distribution containers. It can be extremely useful in warehouses and factories whereDistribution_Container_Carrier order picking takes place allowing workers to easily find products whilst having somewhere to store them when making their way around large buildings.

    With dimensions of 870 x 450 x 1000mm this trolley can hold two containers and comes with 4 x 100mm swivel castors for simply pushing the trolley along without causing any strain to the worker.

    The user is able to open and close the hinged lid of the container whilst it is in place.

  • Heavy Duty DIY Trolleys

    This Heavy Duty DIY Trolley can be used for carrying a range of materials around different environments. Whether you need to carry large and heavy duty Heavy_Duty_DIY_Trolleys_1products, bulky bagged or boxed materials or small liquids you can with this Heavy Duty DIY Trolley.

    Made with a plywood platform this trolley has a metal frame and comes with a large perforated metal tray for safely holding those smaller items and preventing any liquid spillages. Designed to hold a vast range of items this Heavy Duty DIY Trolley has a maximum load capacity of 500kg.

    • Load Capacity: 500kg
    • Fit a large amount of board & panels on each unit
    • Supplied Knock Down
    • GIC98Y - Incorporates a large perforated metal tray

    We have a comprehensive range of Handling and Lifting equipment that is suitable for many applications.

  • Drum Tilt and Rotation – ASC10

    This Drum Tilt and Rotator is designed to do exactly that – tilt and rotate drums!Drum_Tilt_and_Rotation

    Useful in a variety of environments this Drum Tilt and Rotator offer a safe option for efficient drum handling in the workplace. Designed to reduce strain on workers this Drum Tilt and Rotator can be quickly and easily attached to forklifts allowing you to move and rotate 205 litre metal drums to the correct position to reduce damage and spillages that may occur if stored incorrectly.

    • Use the Industrial Drum Rotator attachment for effective drum handling and significantly reduced operator risk.
    • Drums can be quickly moved from vertical to horizontal positions or used to decant substances for application or disposal.
    • Drum Rotators include a belly grab fixing system for a 205 litre metal drums.
    • Units are easy to handle, require no forklift modification, can be attached in seconds and have very low maintenance costs.


    • Easy to use, attaches in seconds.
    • Fits any type of fork truck.
    • No special controls or hydraulic connections.
    • Simple action controlled by truck driver.
    • Low maintenance costs.
    • Reduced operator accident risk.
    • Full spares facility.
  • Drum Lifter – DL300Y

    This Drum Lifter is ideal in many environments that require drums to be lifted and transported. It is designed for safely gripping to the rim of full or empty 210Drum_Lifter_2 litre drums and holds them at various heights of up to 740mm from the ground.

    It is extremely easy to use and perfect for lifting steel drums from pallets. With its two fixed and two swivel braked nylon castors this Drum Lifter can be easily and safely moved while the foot pump allows the user to lift the drum to its required height without causing strain.

    • CE Marked & Plated
    • Designed to carry full or empty 210L steel drums
    • Foot operated hydraulic pump
    • Lifts a drum up to 740mm off the ground
    • This unit smoothly lifts the drum which is held firm by the clamp
    • Mobile on 2 fixed & 2 swivel braked 125mm nylon castors

    Why not take a look at our wide range of Industrial and Commercial equipment, or contact us for more information.

  • Recycled Bar Trucks – GBK9414

    These durable Recycled Bar Trucks are made from recycled polyethylene and are available in various sizes to suit you. They can cope between temperatures of Recycled_Bar_Trucks-20°C and +60°C and can be easily moved around on the castors to reduce the possibility of strain or injury when moving heavy materials around.

    Perfect in a variety of environments these trucks can be used in food manufacturers, meat processing, abattoirs, horticulture, hospitality, engineering and pharmaceutical, laundries, recycling and waste management for moving around various materials like bottles in bars or food waste in a restaurant.

    • Moulded from 100% recycled Polyethylene
    • Tolerant between -20C to +60C
    • Tapered for easy storage

    We have a wide range of Container trucks that are ideal for many applications and are perfect for the storage of many items.

  • Folding Shelf Truck – CI9002

    Having somewhere to store goods and transport them around the workplace is ideal for making your job simpler and increase efficiency.Folding_Shelf_Truck

    This Folding Shelf Truck is perfect in a range of workplaces, not just because goods can be stored or moved around but because the shelves and sided can be folded enabling the unit to be folded flat when not in use to maximise your work area.

    We guarantee this truck is extremely strong and sturdy, the sides are made from tubular steel with an epoxy blue powder coating and it has steel shelves with a white finish. There are also four rubber swivel castors allowing for ease of movement.

    Folding shelves and sides enable the units to fold flat when not in use. Sides are constructed from tubular steel and epoxy powder coated blue. The two shelves are steel, finished in white. Fitted with 4 swivel (2 braked) rubber castors

    We have a wide range of trucks that are perfect for the distribution of stock and ideal for warehouse use, take a look today!

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