Karcher High-Pressure Cleaners

Karcher industrial pressure washers are renowned for their adaptability and number of uses and can clean just about anything, from warehouse floors and loading bays, to company vehicles as well as exterior walls and flooring. Pressure cleaners can also be used to clean waterproof goods and those stored outside – returning them to a state like new. A pressure washer really is essential for just about any type of outdoor cleaning. There are two types of pressure washers available to buy, cold water high pressure cleaners and hot water high pressure cleaners. Hot water pressure washers have a much higher cleaning power than traditional pressure washers – ideal for when large amounts of surface or product need to be cleaned in a short space of time, or for extremely soiled objects such as company trucks and vans. Cleaners are even available with combustion engines where there is no power available – don’t let electricity slow you down. Karcher high-pressure cleaners feature state-of-the-art technology to keep them ahead of the game.