Karcher Carpet Cleaners & Steam Cleaners

Innovation, reliability and quality. That’s what Karcher stands for, and that’s reflected in their steam cleaners and carpet cleaners. There are machines available for every type of carpet and upholstery, from those on a large industrial scale for use in hotels or hospitals to those suitable for smaller shops or domestic use. Steam cleaners are the ideal solution for many hard surfaces, leaving them clean and fully sanitised without the use of any detergents or soaps. They can be used on large, open surfaces as floor steam cleaners or on more intricate mechanisms and parts with the wide range of tools available. The carpet and upholstery cleaners we offer come in a number of different shapes and sizes for varying applications, such as portable carpet cleaners for spot cleaning or carpet roller cleaners for dealing with large areas. The best part about all Karcher carpet cleaners is the quick turnaround time – they leave surfaces dry to the touch within minutes. This ensures minimal downtime and promotes productivity for your business where you need it most. Best of all, all carpet and steam cleaners from Hall-Fast come with a one year warranty as standard.