Janitorial Equipment

Hall-Fast supply a huge variety of cleaning and hygiene equipment for every industry. We supply everything from powered cleaning solutions for example pressure washers and floor polishes, as well as manual products like mops and dusters. Karcher our leading brand of professional cleaning solutions supply products such as Vacuum's, Sweeper's, Scrubber Drier's, Pressure Washer's, Carpet Cleaners and even Snow Management products and not just at the best prices available, but at amazing quality and performance too. Karcher also supply most of these products at an industrial performance level to make even cleaning huge warehouse's look like an easy job. Hall-Fast also has an extensive range of products to keep your workplace clean and tidy in our cleaning and hygiene section. We supply most cleaning solutions such as bleach, washing up liquid, surface polish and even glass cleaner. We also supply everything you need to keep your toilets stocked up on everything it needs like soap and even toilet paper.