Self-tipping skips from Hall-Fast are a useful attachment for forklifts, turning them into economy sized dumper trucks for industrial use. Forklift tipping skips are designed for constant, heavy use with any kind of material or debris. Industrial tipping skips are available in a variety of different sizes and colours to match business specifications, whilst one-way and three-way entry options are available to access and load materials on to the forklift skips. There is also a mini skip available for smaller loads where space is tight or the volume of material being handled is not great enough to warrant a full-sized tipping skip. Eco models are designed for lighter waste such as paper and plastic as well as other recycling materials. This gives enterprises the option of having self-tipping skip capability but at a price that reflects the lighter material being handled. Our very popular Self-Tipping eco skip is a fantastic unit to ensure the easily disposing of waste and other throw away materials. They have been professionally designed and tested to ensure efficiency and productivity is second-to-none. Fantastic quality and a great price, these skips can be used in a vast range of workplaces. Constructed from strong steel, they have ben tried and tested to be hard-wearing, tough and sustainable throughout all weather conditions.
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