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Since 1981 Regatta has become a huge success in the UK with their range of outdoor and leisure clothing, which is why we provide our customers this range of Waterproof and Insulated Jackets. We like to ensure that our customers are protected, whatever the weather conditions. The Insulated Jacket come with padding, warmth, function and fashion which is key when it comes keeping warm and looking the part in the great outdoors. These Jackets also have lockable cuffs and drawstrings to lock out chills and the cold.

Regatta Softshell’s are also a huge success and ideal for covering up all year round. They are comfy, have a lightweight pull over style for the summer and are equally warm under a hard shell in the colder months.

Hall-Fast like to ensure all our customers are getting the best Workwear, which is why you should get a Regatta Jacket from us today! They look smart and casual no matter where you are and are available in a range of colours and sizes to suit everybody’s needs.

For more details and information on the range of Regatta Jackets from Hall-Fast, please contact us.

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