Craft Workwear

Hall-Fast are authorised regional distributors of the Craft sportswear brand. Originally derived in Sweden, this brand of functional and practical sportswear has grown over the years and is now available in over 38 countries across the globe. The guys behind the scenes have spent many years carefully examining cycling's most successful athletes and teams which has given them the most advanced technical methods of producing one of the highest range of quality sports gear on the planet. Hall-Fast have available technically advanced shorts, base layers and accessories that are ideal for a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions.  Throughout the years craft have described the manufacturing process of their premium sports brand as products of snow and rain, sweat and pain, of falling and rising, and the elation of experienced when pushing endurance to the limits. 40 years after establishment, Craft still thrive and the name of their game is that 'the provision of optimal performance through functional sportswear'.