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Have you been using the TraffiGlove Hand Protection? Well did you know these Kevlar gloves have recently been known for compromising protective strength?

The para-aramid fibre used to make these gloves has also been used for tyres, sports equipment and body armour; it is extremely popular as a bullet proof material in vests and trousers but has a few drawbacks when used for protective gloves.

They are highly popular in the waste, oil and gas, manufacturing and engineering industries but don’t necessarily offer the protection required. There was a recent article regarding these para-aramid fibre gloves explaining their weakness when outside compromising the strength and protection such as they are weakened by ultra-violet light, absorb moisture which affects performance when working in wet, damp and oily environments and loss of strength in Kevlar when flexed or folded.

Although these gloves have a few disadvantages when working in various conditions it is designed to offer superb cut protection and skill to ensure the wearer has excellent protection when working in difficult conditions whilst offering improved freedom of movement in the workplace.

It is tremendously important in many environments that your hands are protected. TraffiGlove products are colour coded using red, amber and green making it easier for employees and supervisors to determine whether the right protection is being worn for each job.

TraffiGlove’s hand protection provides comfort and peace of mind for the user, which benefits the employer by increasing worker satisfaction, resulting in greater productivity.

Customer’s safety is number one priority, which is why all TraffiGlove Hand Protection conform to the European Safety Standards. For more information, please contact us.

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