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IT security is important for every business. Not only because computers themselves are extremely valuable assets, but because the information on them – documents and client contact details - can be even more valuable, even dangerous in the wrong hands.

Protecting your computers and monitors is therefore essential. At Hall-Fast we have the range of IT hardware security and computer security systems you need to make sure they're theft proof. We offer a range of IT security cradles and IT security enclosures from light to heavy duty applications.

Our monitor arms and monitor brackets keep screens and monitors on lock down with secure fastenings, but also stay flexible so that monitors remain mobile. We also have a range of laptop safes and laptop lockers as well as tablet security options with secure cases and device grips.

We also offer cable security options for protecting against casual theft, as well as iMac secure storage options, including iMac security shoes, iMac security slippers and a Mac Mini security clamp.

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