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The BigHead Male Threaded Studs M1/B20 & 316-M1/B20, available here at Hall-Fast, are manufactured to the highest quality within the United Kingdom to uphold international regulations.

The collection of fasteners has a thread size ranging from M4 to M8 and lengths scaling 12mm to 100mm, just find the right fit for the job. Products are available in both stainless steel and mild steel.

Whether you want to use adhesives, welding or other attachments methods, the versatility of these Male Thread Studs allows you choose the best option for the job.

The M1/B20 & 316-M1/B20 is available with us, at Hall-Fast and if you are looking for that secure lock attachment, this is the product for you.

BigHead Male Threaded Studs M1/B20 & 316-M1/B20

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