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Hall-Fast has a wide range of BigHead Female Threaded Collars F2/T38 & F2/ST38, forged here in the United Kingdom to the top standard to comply with international regulations.

We have a range of sizes for the job, with thread size ranging M4 to M10 and lengths scaling 5mm to 22mm. The fasteners are crafted from mild steel

BigHead can be attached to surfaces you require by several techniques, including welding and using adhesive substances. The secure locking of the product onto a surface is achieved through the flat perforated head with a large surface area to increase security of the attachment.

Is this the product you’ve been searching for? The wide range of BigHead fasteners on our site means you’ll always leave with what you need for the job.

BigHead Female Threaded Collars F2/T38 & F2/ST38

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